Instructors of the AITA are of a high standard in their teaching processes. We constantly upgrade our qualifications by attending seminars and workshops and also   stay up to date with new and exciting teaching methods. Miss Amanda Morrison holds a current International Instructors certificate as well as National Class A Certification and has completed a Course in Coaching principles through NCAS.  All other Instructors of the AITA are Nationally accredited in Instructing Taekwon-Do at various levels and also all have completed a Working with Children Check through the NSW Police as well as hold current First Aid Certification.

Our goals are to teach all members the fun and exciting Art of Taekwon-Do in a safe environment.


Head Instructor Amanda Morrison

Amanda Morrison began training on the Central Coast in August 1992 and she achieved her Black Belt in 1995, she has been instructing for over 17yrs at various locations on the Coast and in 2002 opened a full time, fully equipped training centre in Woy Woy. Amanda has also had a very successful tournament career spanning over 13yrs. She has held various National titles and an International career spanning 5yrs in attending World Championships in 2003 & 2005 where she won 2 Silver medals and 2 Bronze medals respectively.


In 2012 she achieved her 5th Dan Black Belt under Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha.


In 2015, after a 10yrs in competition retirement, Amanda again represented Australia at the 2nd Unified ITF World Championships in London, England where she won Gold in the Women’s Open Power Breaking, Bronze in the Women’s 4th-6th Dan Pattern and 3 Gold Medals in the Women’s Team events (Power, Pattern and Sparring).

Amanda is constantly updating her knowledge by attending multiple seminars with Master and Grand Masters and in genuine about passing her knowledge onto her students. In 2013 she hosted Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha in Woy Woy at which there were participants from the Central Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne in attendance.

In 2016 Amanda had the privilege of hosting Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung and his daughter Ms Jade Hwang (6th Dan) in Woy Woy with participants attending from NSW, ACT, QLD, Singapore, Nepal and the USA, she then followed GM Hwang on the remainder of his Australian tour attending further seminars in Townsville and onto Singapore.


 Amanda Promotes an open class with members from various backgrounds, religions, skill levels and community groups such as Indigenous Australians and the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) are represented in her school and she looks forward to helping you on your journey through Taekwon-Do whatever your goals are.

 Amanda holds a current International Instructors and Examiners certification under Unified ITF and is working towards her testing for 6th Dan under GM Hwang within the next year.



Instructor Bradley Jaggers

Bradley began his training in 2006 in Woy Woy under Amanda Morrison. Bradley has had a very successful tournament career winning his first National Championship at Green stripe. Over a 10yrs time span Bradley has held numerous national titles and in 2015 represented Australia in the 2nd Unified ITF World Championships held in London, England winning a Bronze in 2nd Dan Pattern and 1 Bronze and 2 Gold medals as a part of the Men’s team.

After achieving his Black Belt in 2012 Bradley began teaching, helping out in the junior classes and in 2013 he took over the role of the Club’s assistant instructor. Bradley has proven himself to be an asset to the school and in assisting Amanda in decisions regarding the progression of the AITA.

In 2014 Bradley graded to 2nd Dan under a panel of Unified ITF Australia’s Senior Instructors and in 2015 Bradley became an Instructor of the school and is hoping to soon be able to open his own branch.

Bradley is now in training for 2017 where he is looking at grading for his 3rd Dan under GM Hwang in Korea and he is also hopeful for a spot on the Australian Team heading to Argentina for the 3rd Unified ITF World Championships in August 2017.








Junior Instructor Aaron Bruchhauser

Mr Aaron Bruchhauser has been training for approximately 7yrs. During this time he has accomplished many things with his greatest achievement to date being his successful testing to Black Belt in July 2012.

Even before he received his Black Belt Aaron would often help out with the Junior class, assisting the lower belts with their techniques. Since his grading Mr Bruchhauser has earned the position of Junior Assistant Instuctor and in 2013 received his National Instructor certification Class C.

Mr Bruchhauser has also competed in various tournaments placing top 3 in many of them. Most recently, Mr Bruchhauser won a Gold Medal for Power Breaking in the 2013  ITFA Open International Championships.

“The club has acted like a second family treating everyone, parent or student, as a part of the family.”